Introduction to the Auto Tip Guru

The Auto Tip GuruAuto Tip Guru is a subscription based monthly auto service tip article that gives its readers preventative maintenance advice on taking care of their autos. This auto tip column is sold to auto industry service centers (auto repair, tire dealers, auto body, oil lube shops, new car dealers, etc) who then email the monthly article to their customers to maintain ‘top of mind awareness’ (TOMA). The writing style of each article is engaging, laced with humor, entertaining, and always informative.

After purchasing a home, American consumers' second largest investment is their automobile…

The Auto repair/service industry is huge at $250 billion dollars per year. For just pennies a day businesses who are in this industry can offer a useful, informative and valuable ‘customer appreciation’ outreach article that is free to their customers.

An Auto Tip Guru subscription service is the most cost effective way to create and retain massively satisfied customers.

Needs and Solutions

The Need (Auto Industry): Keeping your customers. Turning them into repeat customers. Developing them into “word of mouth ambassadors” for your business.

Small business owners spend thousands of dollars acquiring new customers, and once acquired, the on-going challenge is to keep them…

The Solution: Auto Tip Guru articles.

A smart, cost effective solution! The Auto Tip Guru customer appreciation auto tip articles, emailed from your business to your customers each month shows them that you care about them and their cars. They win by receiving auto preventative maintenance tips, and in return, you win by keeping them. It’s a win-win for everyone!

The Need (Publication Industry): Increasing advertising revenue.

Now, more than any other time in recent history, advertising revenue is shrinking. Publications must figure out creative ways to offer advertising options to their clients while at the same time offering stimulating and helpful editorial content and providing columns and articles that offer readers practical information and a ‘good read’…

The Solution: Auto Tip Guru articles.

With the ‘advertorial revenue option’ inherent in the design of each Auto Tip Guru article, any publication, print or on-line, can benefit by providing the sales department with a creative option for selling ad space and hence generating more advertising revenue. Each Auto Tip Guru article is engaging, informative and humorous. They are targeted to drivers of all ages. The sponsor gets the benefit of the ‘advertorial’ type of advertising and the publication gets more advertising revenue. It’s a win-win for everyone!


The Auto Tip Guru company Vision is to make our highways safer and our drivers and autos happier
– one reader at a time…


Our grand Vision will be realized over time as the Auto Tip Guru team advances the love of driving through writing the best informed, factually based, educational, and humor spiced auto tip preventative maintenance columns on the planet…

Company Philosophy

“Bringing Auto Goodness to All Our Customers.”

The Auto Tip Guru is a car guy. I have been a car guy since an early age when the thrill of speeding down a neighborhood sidewalk in my own hand-built go-cart (no engine, no brakes, no steering wheel) sparked something deep inside me. To later in my school days day-dreaming in math class by sketching sports cars and in my spare time racing miniature slot cars on home constructed tracks complete with banked turns and long straight-aways. Cars are in my blood. Driving them is both relaxing (road trips), and challenging (speeding at professional race tracks), keeping them well maintained is my passion.

So, the Auto Tip Guru is a car guy who also likes to write…

Somewhere along my journey, I was fortunate to hone the craft of writing. It became an extension of my love of presenting ideas and concepts verbally to friends, customers, and colleagues. The only award of distinction in my college years came from a business writing/communications class which earned me a spot on the Dean of Business Schools’ Honor List.

Later while serving in the US Army in Germany, another writing award came my way for a composition I penned in a competition sponsored by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. My letter was titled “Preservation of America”, which was acknowledged by a signed letter of appreciation from then US President Gerald R. Ford (circa 1975).

My post-university career started with teaching political science and history in secondary schools and later morphed into the business world where I invented a stereo electronics product, worked in several corporations, and ran my own business consulting company. Core to all my various career activities was writing. Writing lesson plans, scripts for DVD’s, marketing and advertising copy, white papers, market research projects, children’s stories, business plans, executive summaries, mission statements and vision statements, website copy, legal agreements and contracts, letters to politicians, speeches, poems, sermons, bills for state legislatures, book reviews, company newsletters, articles for the military ‘Stars & Stripes’ newspaper (NATO edition 1972-75), strategic alliance agreements, press releases, RFP's and RFQ's, and editor of a newspaper for the 7th ATC HQ Company (Germany, 1973-74).

The Auto Tip Guru

The business plan for my Auto Tip Guru company is simple. Write the best preventative maintenance auto tip articles my mind can create, and have them read by as many drivers as I can. To me, a company philosophy is the heart and soul of a business and is the culmination of one’s core beliefs and guiding principles, applied to the task at hand. Under-promising and over-delivering to customers. Being a trusted expert in your field. Listening twice as much as talking. Doing good with the profits made. Maintaining an uncompromising commitment to excellence. These are our core beliefs and our guiding principles.

Each Auto Tip Guru article must meet our own self-imposed standard of literary excellence. We are fans of the following ‘Ernest Hemingway’ tactics for writing; 1. Short sentences. 2. Vigorous language. 3. Positive outlook. 4. Write, re-write, edit; walk away, write and edit again. Repeat…

I’m a ‘dyed-in-the-wool’ entrepreneur who believes in the ‘American Dream’. I want to help other businesses grow by providing a valued product for them and their customers. Through this process, Auto Tip Guru will continue to be a catalyst for business growth, both for my clients and for my own business. I believe that the straightest path to financial independence is via free market capitalism. I believe that financial independence is an opportunity available to anyone who has the determination, the perseverance, the vision, and the guts to make it a reality.

I believe that there is an inherent ‘goodness’ in all of us. I believe that financial success is a by-product of providing ‘goodness’ to customers at a fair price. All in all, this is the philosophy of my Auto Tip Guru business, “bringing auto goodness to all of our customers”.

I hope you will share in the thrill of taking many a wonderful drive in your well-maintained auto, and I hope I can assist you in that journey in some small way…

Drive safe and stay on the right side of the road…

Daniel L. Bolz

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