The Author of the Auto Tip Guru
Gu-ru   (goo´- roo),   n.   A trusted advisor.   A recognized leader in a field.   An influential advocate.

Current Car of the Auto Tip GuruHe has driven over 1 million miles in numerous cars, trucks and busses (in Europe, Scotland and nearly all 50 US states), and put over 300,000 miles on three of them. His current daily commuter is a 1992 Mitsubishi 3000 GT/SL with over 375,000 miles on it.

Auto Tip Guru at Miller Motor Sports ParkHe is a graduate of the Miller Motorsports Park Professional Race Driving School. He raced motorcycles competitively in Michigan, Wisconsin, Canada and Massachusetts. He studied at universities in Michigan and Utah; earning degrees in political science, art, education and an MBA in marketing.

The Auto Tip Guru Motorcycle Racing

A Young Auto Tip GuruDaniel Bolz is the Auto Tip Guru…, an entrepreneur, writer, business consultant, inventor, and a self-admitted ‘automotive preventative-maintenance addict’…

From an early age, he was a committed ‘car guy’…

Personal Highlights:

  1. Born and raised in Michigan – ‘Car Capital of America’
  2. Favorite autograph: Mario Andretti signed his motorcycle helmet
  3. Favorite American Sports Car: the Ford GT-40
  4. Ford GT-40 the AutoTipGuru's favorite car
  5. Favorite Week: Attended the Indy 500 “Brickyard” Formula One Race in 2007
  6. The Auto Tip Guru at Indy 500
  7. Favorite Car Movie: ‘24 Hours of LeMans’ with Steve McQueen
  8. Favorite Motorcycle Movie: ‘World’s Fastest Indian’ (story of Burt Monroe and his historic land speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats)
  9. Favorite Documentary: ‘On Any Sunday’
  10. Favorite Car Racing Story: The 1966 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finish of the Ford GT-40 at LeMans. The year auto legend Carroll Shelby (of Shelby Cobra fame) and Henry Ford II beat the Ferrari Team at this historic endurance race in France.
  11. Favorite Car Hero’s: Tom and Ray Magliozzi aka “Click & Clack – The Tappet Brothers”. NPR radio talk show hosts of ‘Car Talk’ for 35 years. Real auto mechanics (and MIT grads) who turn their car repair troubleshooting advice into an entertaining, humorous and informative national call-in radio program for their 4 million weekly listeners.
  12. 3rd Generation Army Veteran

Bolz has run his own business consulting company, Paradigm International, Inc., since 1987. He has written stories, articles, columns, essays, edited books and consulted with authors. His passion is to assist small business owners succeed in realizing ‘The American Dream’ of running their own company – and becoming successful.