Auto Tip Guru Endorsements
  1. "Catchy! The information stays in my head so I can actually act upon his sage advice. Thanks ATG [Auto Tip Guru]!"
    Alexander C., Washington
  2. “The articles are informative, to the point, and helpful in our never-ending efforts to keep our cars running great!”
    Naomi R., Oregon
  3. "I find these [Auto Tip Guru] tips very useful, as I plan on hanging on to my car for the long haul."
    Rob F., Calgary, Canada
  4. "These tips are incredibly helpful! As a new car owner, I'm still learning about preventative car care. Auto Tip Guru has turned me on to lots of things I can do on my own to save money in the long run and feel like a proactive car owner. Such a fun read too!"
    Heidi B., Washington
  5. “I believe in very scrupulous maintenance of all things mechanical. The Auto Tip Guru articles provide timely reminders which are useful and enjoyable to read…”
    Lyman W., Utah
  6. “Auto Tip Guru offers good basic car information for those who need it.”
    Tom B., Michigan
  7. “I’ve listened to car shows on the radio and I come away more confused than when I tuned in. Mostly they talk over my head. I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t know a hemi from a hybrid. But at least I get some basic car knowledge with the Auto Tip Guru. If you know just enough about cars to turn it on, and get it from one place to another, these tips are for you. Keep them coming!”
    Nevet S., Idaho
  8. "Auto Tip Guru gives me a better understanding of car basics that everyone should know to avoid major headaches. Small investment of time yields huge returns in terms of money saved from car repairs and more importantly, peace of mind. That's priceless!"
    Ravi J., California
  9. "Auto Tip Guru provides both entertaining and helpful tips to prevent costly repairs to your car. Not only does it make for a happy car, but it makes for a happy car owner! I recommend Auto Tip Guru to anyone who is looking for car maintenance satisfaction.”
    R. William R., Utah
  10. “I love the quick informative lists. They’re really useful things to remember that could prevent future auto-related headaches.”
    Clayton B., California
  11. “I’m great in other aspects of life, but understanding cars is not one of them. That’s why I really enjoy the Auto Tip Guru. The articles make cars and how to care for them easy to comprehend. And there is usually a good chuckle within his tips as well!! I recommend his tips to all my friends, whether they are “gearheads” or “greenies” like me.”
    Steve M., Idaho
  12. "Wish I had such sound advice years ago. Could've saved me a LOT of money."
    Ryan B., Washington